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The Entrance Solution site is in support of a four lane highway design solution for the Entrance to Aspen. 


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Entrance to Aspen - Circa 1892

This site was originally established in support of a successful initiative petition process. The questions intended for the ballot would have provided Aspen voters with the first opportunity they've had since 1990 to vote for a four lane highway design which will relieve traffic congestion at the Entrance to Aspen.

Much of the information may now be of more interest to proponents of the Initiative and Referendum process due to a negative ruling on the part of the Colorado Supreme Court. The proposed ballot questions were found by the court to be "administrative" rather than "legislative" in content, and were therefore not allowed to proceed to the electorate. However, the court's decision made further public votes unnecessary - the solutions proposed here can be taken forward by a majority on the Aspen City council, or imposed by State of Colorado officials when they deem it necessary.

For those interested in the prospect for progress on the highway, and/or the health and well-being of the initiative process itself - a general discussion can be found at the Colorado Supreme Court link (below, left). Included on that page are links to more detailed information, including one to the most recent example of a rejected initiative proposal - this time at the hands of the Pitkin County clerk.

Use the Page 2 link below for a step by step explanation of why a mayor and two council members will be able to fix the highway.

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David Bach featured a discussion regarding the overall situation with Jeffrey Evans on his Bach Talk radio program on KNFO in August, 2015.

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In April of 2017, David and Jeffrey examined the potential for solving congestion problems with mass transit alone.

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Entrance to Aspen Four Lane Alternatives - Page 2


Entrance to Aspen - Circa 1892

Colorado Supreme Court

The Basic Concept

Why Two Petitions? General Questions History

Discussion of the proposals

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